These are some projects and interest areas that I’ll be spending much of my time working on over the course of the next few years.

Freshwater science and governance – my PhD

My PhD project is a geographical ‘implementation study’ of the National Policy Statement on Freshwater Management (2011/2014/2017) in New Zealand. I am interested in exploring how space and context matter to the implementation of this new water policy in regional settings. I am also interesting in exploring how environmental science acts as infrastructure to support policy implementation, and how implementation is being (or might be) strategically resourced by central government.  I’ll be drawing on a range of literatures and theoretical traditions to develop a spatial understanding of policy implementation and evaluation:

  • Environmental geography and political ecology
  • Collaborative environmental governance
  • Comparative environmental policy analysis
  • Spatial power and the state
  • Policy mobilities and ‘informational infrastructures’ that support policy movement and harmonization across space
  • ‘Governmentality’ and the cultivating of governance subjects
  • Environmental valuation techniques and politics
  • Post-structural political economy

Other stuff

In addition to my PhD work, I’m interested in pursuing (ongoing) conversations about:

  • The politics of environmental science and critical physical geography
  • Theorising environmental governance as a normative and descriptive project
  • Environmental ‘values’ and valuation research as technologies for democracy
  • Thinking outside-the-box in environmental conservation science and strategy
  • Graduate students as political actors in the neoliberal university
  • Geographical identity and the politics of ‘interdisciplinarity’

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